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Oct 14, 2012 6:00am EDT
scars to show from being around education reform. and the first words you need to say in every city and state and just draw a line in the sand, is public schools exist for the benefit of the children. you're going to see a lot of people fall over. because anytime you're spending $199 billion a year, somebody's getting it. and the children get lost in the process. so that's step 1. keep in mind in 1960 when our schools were the envy of the world we were spending $16 billion on them. now we spend more than any other nation in the world, $199 billion a year and ranked at the bottom of the industrialized world in terms of education achievement. one more time, you bought a front row box seat and got a third-rate performance, because the government is not serving you. by and large it should be local. the more local the better. an interesting phenomenon. small towns have good schools, big cities have terrible schools. the best people in a small town will serve on the school board. you get into big cities, it's political patronage, stepping stones. you get the job, you gave your relatives t
Oct 6, 2012 10:00am EDT
catholic school to being a public school and retain your identity? can you? what are the first amendment problems with that transition? >> that we just say quickly the issue ist, primarily about the cities, right? because catholics are moving to the suburbs. it is more of the issue of them disappearing in the cities. they are being built in other parts of the country. >> de want to talk about the voucher issue? >> yes. >> we are trying to mix it up here, dan, come on. we oppose vouchers. i'm shocked. >> when i talk to reporters, one of the complexities in the school setting, there are two clusters. one is the question of student's religious expression. we generally agree that students have the right to express their faith in a public school in various ways. they can pray alone or in groups. they can gather around the flagpole. we have those agreements. but the captive audience question is really kind of a quagmire. i think sorting that out would be helpful for people. a number of states to pass legislation to try to put into place what some people think is where we are in the law. i thin
Oct 13, 2012 10:00am EDT
more than 200. every question is based on an idea from the public. elizabeth warren won the first coin toss. just last week, we saw the national unemployment numbers fall below 8%. millions of americans are still looking for jobs. things are especially difficult for minority cities. what will it take and what will you do if elected to support job growth? >> thank you very much. thank you for everyone for being so hospitable. we have nearly 200,000 people unemployed in massachusetts. there are higher unemployment rates here in springfield. it is a serious problem. i look at this as a short-term and long-term problem. short-term, they should put people back to work. i was surprised when senator brown of voted against a three in a row that would have supported 22,000 jobs here in the commonwealth of massachusetts, would have prevented layouts, and policei n officers, it would have put construction workers back to work. why? it would have been an increase in taxes, not for most people, but for those who make a million dollars or more. making the investments in education, making the in
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3